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Dr. Music
Here Comes the Show
The Bully
The Magic Word
Wyatt Burp


(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Baby, baby

Don't cry anymore

My baby.

I'm doing everything a man can do.

I want to take good care of you

The best way I know how.


Baby, baby

Will you give me a chance

My sweet baby?

Mommy's gone for just a little while.

I want to see that precious smile

'Cause everything's all right.


Hey baby

You're drivin' me half crazy.

You know, I don't mean maybe.

What am I to do?


I'm just trying

To understand your crying.

I guess there's no denying

I feel like crying with you.


Baby, baby

I am begging you please

Pretty baby...

I'll give you anything that you demand.

Your every wish is my command,

If you will only stop crying now.


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


When I was young I was so shy.

Scared to be in the public eye,

I was withdrawn. Kept to myself.

Closed up like a book on a shelf.


I used to watch other girls and boys.

They were always making noise,

Laughing out loud and playing a game,

I ran away if they called my name when they were dancing


Well, there was a girl I liked a lot.

She was so smart and so hot.

But I got scared.  Froze in fear

Every time when she came near.


One day she talked to me!

She said, "Loosen up now.  Can't you see!

Everybody gets a little shy.

I'm having a party.  Come on by.  We'll be dancing!"


So I made it to the party.  It was after school.

I felt nerdy, nervous, and not too cool.

When she came up to me and said, "Let's dance."

My knees were rattling inside my pants!


She took my hand, started to move.

There were kids all around us dancing a groove.

They did The Hammer.  I followed along.

Pretty soon I was lost in the song, dancing!


Well there's more to the story, but to make it short,

My life reads like a book report.

Everything's OK as you can see

I love to dance now

I am free!

Here we go dancing


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Tell me your symptoms.

I'll make you well again.

If you got a problem,

I got the medicine.

Plug in my guitar.

I'll play a song for you.

Stay right where you are.

I'll cure your problems all right,

Daytime or night, I'm

Dr. Music!  Dr. Music!


If you get too sick,

Just come to Dr. Music.

I've got a musical medical staff

And a co-operating room.

I'll inject you with a laugh

Just say good-bye to the hurt.

I am the expert.

Dr. Music!  Dr. Music!


Hey!  I'm a doctor of sound sense

With a musical cure.

You might think I'm nonsense, but,

You can be sure...

Dr. Music!  Dr. Music!


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout & Leslie Chew)


There's time for work

And there's time for play.

There's lots of time in every day.

When the work is done

The fun remains.

That's the time you take for games.


You can play basketball, stickball,

Volleyball or kickball.

So many games that use a ball.

Too many games to list them all.

They're games.

They're all ball games.


I love black jack

And Star Attack

Hide & seek

Cheek to cheek

Games in the park

Games after dark

Capture the flag

Chess, checkers, tag!

I love board games

Sword games

Turbo Throttle

Spin the bottle

Crazy eights

Roller skates


Double dare

Peace games

Police games

Fame games

Name games

Rough games

Tough games

And golf...



A spelling bee



And Blind man’s bluff

I can't get enough

Of those games.


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)



Great leaps into history

World Records surpassed

Hearts that never quit

Competing together at last for the Gold


Will power and strength to win

Gathered in one special place

Dreams to last a lifetime

Come alive, as they race for the Gold


The glory of Olympic Gold

A chance for all the world to see

The dream is shared a billion fold

To be the best that you can be...  Gold


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


REFRAIN:  We're gonna clap our hands

                   And sing along

                   And dance around                 

                   And rock 'n' roll!


Subtract your troubles away.

Divide what remains.

It adds up to one thing to say.

Our equation explains, so,

Multiply by fun 'cause

Here comes the show!




The fun you'll be having surpasses

What you've ever seen.

You don't have to put on your glasses

To see what we mean. So

Look for a good time, 'cause

Here comes the show!




We're on a journey together

Spinning through space

Your body's as light as a feather

Put a smile on your face.

Buckle your seat belt, 'cause

Here comes the show!


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Jamie has a secret dream.

She plays a guitar.

She's got her eye on the future.

Wants to go far.

Nobody pushes her.  She does it herself.

Practices every night.

She's got a strong desire

For the hot spot light.


She's got patience even when it isn't fun.

Patience!  She'll get the practicing done.


Jamie makes a studio tape.

Takes it on a trip to L.A.

She gets a lot of advice

But no one wants her to stay.

So it's two steps forward and one step back

But just a matter of time.

Sooner or later the world's

Gonna see her shine.


She's got patience.  No need to go to extremes.

Patience to follow her dreams.


It doesn't matter how long it takes.

It only matters that she gives her all.


Jamie's dream is now reality.

She makes her living in the light.

In case you're wondering, yes,

You're right.


She's got patience.  She never quit.

Patience!  She did it bit by bit.

You gotta have patience. Get up when you fall.

Patience to give it your all.


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout)


Bobby is the bully in his town.

Don't get in his way.  He'll push you down.

If you see him frown at you,

Better move and change the view.

Doesn't matter what you do.

This boy will mess with you, too.


He pushes someone to the floor.

Teacher says "That's it!"  He's out the door.

No way.  He won't obey.

He says he won't go home today.

Teacher has the final say.

And it's bye-bye.  Bobby cannot stay.


Oh, no!  The bully in a fight once again.

Oh, no!  When will it ever end?


“Hey Bob Boy,

Get in this car!

I can't believe you!

Again, you went too far.

I'll have to take you home.

You can't go out to play.

Don't you say nothin'.

Don't you cry on me today.      

Just remember, whatever happens,

You cannot tell a soul.

'Cause you are the bad boy

And I am the one in control!”


Next day at school we get the news.

Bobby's got a lot of black and blues.

Someone says, "It serves him right!

The Bully finally lost a fight."

But from behind the tough disguise,

Bobby has tears in his eyes.


Oh, no!  The bully in a fight once again

Oh, no!  When will he find a friend?


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout & Leslie Chew)


I know a word that can truly open doors.

It's got the power, so claim it.  Call it yours.


REFRAIN:  One, just, one little word,

                   It's easy enough to say.

                   Just one magical word

                   To show that you care this way.


You know it's good to use it.

People just can't refuse it.


I remember when I wasn't so polite.

Now I say it with a smile of delight.

Get it right, with just




You know that people love it.

This is the beauty of it.


BRIDGE:   Please is a magic word

                  Please it's a magic word

                  Please say it




© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP)



(Words & music by Jonathan Sprout & Dave Kinnoin)


A long time ago in a Wild West town,

A baby boy was born, and all the neighbors gathered 'round.

"Whatcha gonna name him?"  The room got very quiet.

Mama smiled and said, "I think I'll name him Wyatt."

"Wyatt?"  "Why it sounds good!"


Mama gazed in wonder at her newborn's little face.

She held him to her breast.  It was the baby's favorite place.

When a birdy in the window gave a happy little chirp,

Wyatt turned his head, and they heard...


REFRAIN:  Wyatt Burp, Wyatt Burp

                   That's when his mama proclaimed,

                   "Wyatt Burp is his name!"


The first day of school, Wyatt rose before the sun,

Worked a couple hours 'til the morning chores were done.

He ate a great big breakfast.  It was ham 'n' eggs and beans,

And he loosened up his belt to ease the pressure on his jeans.


Then Wyatt rode his pony to the little schoolhouse yard.

But just a few feet from the doorway, a bully bumped him hard.

He said, "Whatcha gonna do now, ya goofy little twerp?"

Wyatt's stomach rumbled and they heard...


REFRAIN:  Wyatt Burp, Wyatt Burp

                   The whole school laughed.  The bully couldn't speak.

                   Wyatt was voted "Student of the Week."

                   He was destined for fame.

                   Wyatt Burp was his name.


Now Wyatt was just a little different

But he did not let it get him down.

Instead of feeling like a freak

He saw himself as quite unique,

And he turned his problem around.


So Wyatt grew up to wear the Lawman's Star.

Word about his courage and his fairness traveled far.

There was not a single outlaw in the whole United States

Who hadn't heard about him, 'cept for one: Bad Boy Bates.


"Triple B" they called him.  And he sang an evil tune

As he held some folks at gunpoint in the back of the saloon.

Wyatt raised his root beer, took a guzzle and a slurp,

He sneaked up from behind and they heard...


REFRAIN:  Wyatt Burp, Wyatt Burp

                   "Triple B" jumped so high, he dropped his gun.

                   Wyatt said, "I hate to spoil your fun,

                   But I have no stomach for your little game.

                   Wyatt Burp is my name."


REFRAIN:  Wyatt Burp, Wyatt Burp

                   He had an air about him no one could tame.

                   Wyatt Burp was his name.        


© 1994 Kanukatunes (ASCAP) & Song Wizard Music (ASCAP)