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6,588 lifetime performances * 5,560 children’s concerts * 818 Songwriting Workshops * 11 albums of original music * GRAMMY nomination "Best Children's Recording" * iParenting "Best Product of year" Winner * 3 Parents’ Choice Awards *  3 NAPPA Gold Awards * 2 Film Advisory Board Awards of Excellence * Family Choice Award * Two Dove Foundation "Family-Approved" Seal * Two Dr. Toy 10 Best Audio/Video Products of year * Two Mom's Choice Gold Awards * Gifty's Awards Finalist * Featured artist on Grammy nominated Healthy Foods CD * Featured artist on Grammy winning All About Bullies Big & Small  CD * KIDS FIRST All Star Recognition Award * KIDS FIRST! All-Star Award * Tillywig Brainchild Award * Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award * The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval * Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award * Global Music Award Bronze Medal * Family Choice Award * Santa's Choice Award

Singer-songwriter and recording artist, Jonathan Sprout has dedicated the past 22 years to creating meaningful and captivating "hero music" for children. Sprout began this journey in 1994 after reading the results of a nationwide poll detailing children's top 10 heroes, which included cartoon characters and several professional athletes whose off-field antics were anything but heroic. This made Sprout question, "who are our real heroes and why are we not teaching our children about their importance?" Sprout's idea to write and record songs for children about real heroes was born.

Since then, Jonathan Sprout has written over forty songs and has released four American Heroes albums about some of the most remarkable men and women in American history. His albums detail the amazing stories of legends ranging from Pocahontas to Neil Armstrong. With the help of author-lecturer Dr. Dennis Denenberg, a noted heroes specialist, Sprout "chose people who lived and breathed elements of good character and are good examples that children can understand and emulate." His list of heroes includes politicians, athletes, scientists, feminists, civil rights leaders, and many other admirable individuals.

Jonathan has performed more than 5,500 concerts and lead more than 800 songwriting workshops for children. His recordings and concerts have earned critical acclaim as groundbreaking entries in the field of educational children's music. His American Heroes #3 album was nominated for a Grammy® in 2010. Jonathan is passionate about his work and believes his "particular combination of entertainment and education that comes from singing about heroes gives [him] a sense of fulfillment and joy [he had] only dreamed of in [his] early days when [he] was performing in nightclubs and coffeehouses."

American Heroes #4 is a stunning collection of highly produced pop rock tunes. His sophisticated sound is rich with intricate, interweaving countermelodies and a full assortment of instruments, including walls of electric and acoustic guitars, pop synth sounds, banjos, mandolins, accordions, horns and various keyboards.

American Heroes #4 has a big, bold sound – strong, full, vibrant, and expressive vocal on top of pop, rock, Latin and gospel rhythms. The remarkable choices of instrumentation and production make a statement: this CD is a celebration of heroes! It is chock full of whimsy and humor and you can discover something new every time you listen. Jonathan does a staggering amount of research for each song, making history not only come alive for children, he makes it sing!


Career Highlights